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The Huge and Durable transport case for Eurorack.

Made-to-order product

840 HP Eurorack format Case.

168HP modules can be installed per stage, and there are 5 stages. Equipped with one bus board "POWERRAIL" per 84HP. Since two "POWERRAIL" are connected with a ribbon cable, it can be used with one "POWERBASE" depending on the total current required by the modules used per stage.

If the module requires a lot of current, you can remove the ribbon cable connecting the "POWERRAIL" and supply power with one "POWERBASE" per 84HP.

*Please purchase ​POWERBASE separately.

​ *This product is made to order. Delivery time will be about 1 month.

●​ option

​ POWERBASE : 4HP power module

​ d-BOLT : Tool-free module mounting screws

 d-BOLTx2 : Tool-free module mounting screws



Durable front cover for WORKFRAME84

Front cover for WORKFRAME84.

Even with the patch cable plugged into the module,

so it has a depth of 50mm for mounting.

In addition, it is made of durable metal, so it protects the important modular system from impacts.

The logo plate attached to the left end of WORKFRAME84 can be attached to MASK84.

* Attach the plate with hook to WORKFRAME84 and use it. Therefore, WORKFRAME84 with RACK-EAR can not be used this cover.

​ *WORKFRAME84-B does not have a logo plate, so it looks different from this image.



Power bus board

This is a power supply bus board that comes standard with the WORKFRAME84.

Equipped with 14 Eurorack 16-pin headers, it increases the possibility of connecting modules with the shortest distance regardless of the position of the module in the case.

It is mostly compatible with Doepfer bus boards, except for the central main power connection connector.

​For products sold separately, a polyester protective sheet is attached to the back to prevent short circuits in the power supply.

POWERBASE dedicated connection harness included.



Rack mount bracket for mounting WORKFRAME84 on a 19-inch rack.

Painted with special red color "335 cherry" by dotRed Audio Designs original formulation.

​The height is 3U.

19" Rack mountable bracket for WORKFRAME84



Square nuts and M3 screws for WORKFRAME84

A set of square nuts and M3 screws, the same as those included in WORKFRAME84.

Including 30pcs each.

If you change modules frequently, they will not be fixed properly due to wear and mis-engagement.

​Please use it as a replacement in that case, or as an addition when you run out.


d-BOLT x2

Knurled-head screws for WORKFRAME84

A pack of 16pcs M3 screws which called "d-BOLT" that can be turned by fingers without tools.​ Please read the product name as D-bolt By Two.

Frequent module swapping can be cumbersome for drivers. Once you use this screw, you can't stop using it. The appearance is also dressed up, killing two birds with one stone.

​The nylon set washer is hard to fall off and protects the module panel from scratches.



DC power distribution cable

A cable attachment that distributes the DC output of an AC adapter to two systems. If one AC adapter can cover the required power for two POWERBASEs, it will lead to savings on AC power strips.


AC adapter

AC cord

3P → 2P conversion plug


Accessories & Goods

A wide range of accessories are available for purchase.

We have an assortment of parts and bundled items used in WORKFRAME84 that you can rest assured even if damage or malfunction occurs.

Our products can be used for a long time. ​

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