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[New Products] We are going to announce for our new products as soon

We are going to announce for our new products as soon.

Would you like to make a imagination from teaser photo on the top page ?  :-)


​About renewal of the homepage

​ The homepage will be renewed in stages.

The URL of the top page will be

Currently, we are releasing it while updating it little by little.


New Year Greetings

happy new year.

The days are still difficult, but everyone who is working hard to regain their previous daily life, and everyone who is moving forward with the New-Normal lifestyle, feel pain and joy in their own ways. We are also facing a wall of difficulty in procuring electronic components and materials, including semiconductors, but we support component manufacturers who are working hard to ensure a stable supply, and in the near future we will be able to walk together again. Believing that the days will come back, we will strive to deliver new products this year, the 7th anniversary of our founding.

Happy new year to all of you.

​ From Dot Red Audio Designs Staff.



About sales of AC adapters

The AC adapter and related accessories that have been included in our products so far will be sold as compatible products due to various circumstances.

Detail is this page Please refer to. Thank you.



End of production of POWERBASE, etc.

The power module "POWERBASE", and the power bus board "POWER RAIL", the set product "POWER KIT" will be discontinued in October 2020.

Thank you very much for the four years.

Also, the stock is limited, so please purchase as soon as possible.


2020. 1. 5.

About Audiophile Circuits League Distribution

Currently, we are a German synthesizer manufacturer Audiophile Circuits League (a.k.a. ACL) is no longer distributed.

However the Japanese web page for ACL products is tentatively as follows:

I am publishing it in URL.

(Information may be outdated due to irregular maintenance)

Also, please note that the domain name "" is no longer under our control for the conventional URL below.

*We are not responsible for any events related to the domain name after ​2020.1.5.

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