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Discontinued product

No need to worry about carrying around.

Just attach a sturdy metal cover and you can use your existing patching wherever you go.

"WORKFRAME84-M" which is equipped with "MASK84" as an option for "WORKFRAME84" as standard, is the core model of the WORKFRAME series.

With optional "LINK84" and another "WORKFRAME84-M", you can expand to "WORKFRAME168".

It is a kit that enables two units to be connected.

Attach MASK84 and use.


The elaborate and robust metal body provides peace of mind so that you can focus on enjoying your music.

Modules that require depth such as Doepfer are almost covered*1 and pursued compactness while having the depth that can be done.

Please check the size by looking at the actual product.(*1.not 100% guaranteed)

The front cover has a margin of about 50mm, so it can be installed with the patch cable inserted.*2

(*2.not 100% guaranteed)

Let's bring it out!

​Put it in your favorite Boston bag along with accessories such as a power adapter, spare patch cables, and headphones.

Our products always have service parts in preparation for deterioration over time and in case of failure or damage.

Some parts can also be purchased at online shops and musical instrument stores.

By partially replacing or repairing, you can reduce running costs and use it for a long time.



LINK84 (2-unit stacking kit)

NUTS'n BOLTS (For supplement/replacement module-mounting-screws, square nuts)


d-BOLT x2 (Tools-free module-mounting-screws 16 pieces)

*Optional items must be installed by the customer.

Install according to the installation instructions in the owner's manual included.

(Optional items such as screws and square nuts do not come with owner's manual.)




External dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 132mm x 453.6mm x 145.6mm *When the cover is attached

Weight: approx. 2.9 kg

Color: Matte Black (Body) / 335 Cherry Red and Gloss Black (Side) / Gloss Black (Cover)


Power supply module ※standard equipment

・Power supply input voltage: DC +15V

・Maximum output power30W

・Maximum output current: 1000mA (+12V) , 1000mA (-12V) , 500mA (+5V) 

     *This specification guarantees operation and performance.


AC Adaptor ※Bundled items

・Primary side input voltage: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz

・Secondary output voltage: DC +15V (+/-5%)

・Secondary output current: DC 3.34A *More than 2.5A is required to meet the maximum output specification of POWERBASE.

・DC plug dimensions: Outer diameter 5.5 mm | Inner diameter 2.1 mm

・DC plug polarity: Center plus (+)


*When supplying power to the POWERBASE using an AC Adaptor other than the AC Adaptor supplied by our company, please confirm that it meets the above specifications.

However, any defects or malfunctions caused by using an AC Adaptor other than the one supplied by us will not be covered by the warranty.



・AC Adaptor

・AC code

・3 pin → 2 pin conversion AC plug adapter (Only in Japan)

・x20 module-mounting-screws (x4 of them are attached to loaded square nuts for fixing it)

・x20 square nuts (loaded into the rails)

・Owner's manual

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