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Stacking kit for WORKFRAME84

Installation image to WORKFRAME84

This is the product content of "LINK84".

Installation and assembly to ​"WORKFRAME84" will be done by the customer.

LINK84 is a stackable kit exclusively for "WORKFRAME84" made of aluminum and lightweight.

Two "WORKFRAME84" can be stacked and equipped with a convenient handle for carrying.

The "WORKFRAME84" on the far side can be easily removed by loosening the screws on both sides by hand, and by setting it in another notch in the aluminum plate, it is possible to use the "WORKFRAME84" in a tilted state.

This product requires "WORKFRAME84" with "MASK84" installed separately.

The included metal fittings are attached to the "MASK84" to ensure its strength as a product.

The maximum external dimensions with "MASK84" attached are 454.6mm(W) x 346mm(H) x 147.6mm(D).


Inexpensive travel bags with water-repellent finish can be used as a rain cover. Please refer to the diagram and select a travel bag that can be stored. (Click the image to enlarge)

Even without removing the patch cable that straddles the two "WORKFRAME84" units, there is a gap for the cable to pass through, so it is possible to attach the "MASK84" and carry it around.

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