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Discontinued product



(Naked Aluminium)


(Maroon Wood)

​"WORKFRAME168" is a Eurorack format 168HP size case with two 84HP/3U size "WORKFRAME84"s.

(Because the power supply module is mounted, the free space is effectively 160HP.)

This product consists of 2 sets each of "WORKFRAME84" and "MASK84", and "LINK84" that connects them.

So it's almost the same as buying each item individually, but ...

  • Special logo sticker on the back of the main unit

  • Changed some screws to silver

  • Square nut is already loaded on the rail

Such content has been added.

As with "WORKFRAME84", our original aluminum rail has 3 holes on the top and bottom for adding/replacement of square nuts.

Since there is no disassembly work such as removing the side panel when adding or replacing modules, the risk of damage is low, making it easy and economical.

In addition, by adopting the original aluminum rails and square nuts, the "ambiguous dimensions" that are common in Euroracks can be achieved.

Even the modules that are made solve most of the problems that arise during installation.

Each stage is equipped with a 4HP size high-quality power supply module "POWERBASE" that operates with DC +15V input.

Powers fourteen 16-pin headers on the bus board through dedicated wiring.

The maximum supply current that can guarantee noise performance is 1000mA each for +12V and -12V, and 500mA for +5V.

These are sufficient current capacities for a module that fits in an 84HP size case.

In addition, the printed circuit board and power supply circuit, which are completely original, suppress heat generation and radiation noise that cause unstable operation, failure, and noise generation.

It provides a stable and high-quality power supply, so you can use it with confidence.

When the back side is tilted, set a distance that does not interfere with the front side module.

​ So that is secured and does not interfere with the operability of the knob.

A front cover "MASK84" is included as standard.

​ (Dimensional drawing)

Click to enlarge in another window

It is not necessary to remove the patch cable when attaching the front cover "MASK84".

​ (This is not the case with cables that use stack-type plugs.)




External dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 147.6mm x 454.6mm x 346mm

Weight: approx. 6.6 kg


POWERBASE (standard equipment)

power input voltage: DC +15V

Maximum output power: 30W  *Recommended value.

Maximum output current: 1000mA (+12V) , 1000mA (-12V) , 500mA (+5V)

                                                        *This specification guarantees operation and performance.

*The above is the specification for one stage.


AC Adaptor (Bundled items)

Primary input voltage: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz

Secondary output voltage: DC +15V (+/-5%)

Secondary output current: DC 3.34A  *Maximum output specification value of AC Adaptor.

DC plug dimensionsOuter diameter 5.5 mm |Inner diameter 2.1mm

DC plug polarityCenter plus (+)

Weight: about0.5kg *Includes detachable primary AC cord.


*When supplying power to the POWERBASE using anything other than the AC Adaptor supplied by us, make sure that it satisfies the above specifications.

However, any defects or malfunctions caused by using an AC Adaptor other than the one supplied by us will not be covered by the warranty.


・Front cover "MASK84": x2

・M3 screws: 40 pcs   *for mounting modules

・Square nuts : 40 pcs *for mounting modules

・AC Adaptor : x2

・AC code : x2

・3P → 2P plug conversion adaptor: 2 pieces  (Only in Japan)

​・Owner's Manual

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