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POWER RAIL power bus board is recommended for DIY users who make their own cases. 


This power bus board which is also installed in the 84HP Eurorack case "WORKFRAME84" prevents fluctuations and drops in the power supply voltage that occur when a lot of current flows, Realize stable power supply.

This is what you need to unlock the potential of the module.

When used in conjunction with the power supply module "POWERBASE", power is supplied through a dedicated harness that employ a JST's "VH" connector.

This combination provides stable operation and improved sound quality.



Module connection connector2.54mm pitch 2 rows 16-pin header (x14)

Connector for "POWERBASE":  J.S.T. "VH" series 5-pin base post (x1)

Board dimensions: 353mm × 50mm

*Assuming the possibility of fixing to a metal surface, a PET sheet is attached to the back of the board with rivets to prevent short circuits.

Dedicated harness (Accessories)

Connector: "VH" series 5-pin connector made by JST.

Length: 300mm

*The mounting dimensions for the self-made case are Support page or Please refer to the "POWERRAIL" Owner's manual.

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