If you have any question about your dotRed unit or any of our other products, for which you cannot find an answer in the owner's manual or following FAQ section, or if you wish to use your warranty*, write to us at:


*For warranty claims, make sure to read the warranty information in the owner's manual supplied with your dotRed product.

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We thought you'd be asking us that...

Here is a FAQ list, organized by products and topics, that we hope will provide you with all the answers and information you need.

If you cannot find the answer to your question in this list, or wish some more explaining, just send us your question to contact@dotred-audio-designs.com, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


[Q] What is that “335 Cheery color” referring to?

This finish is a dotRed creation inspired by our love for the Gibson 335. ☺.

[Q] No shop sells dotRed products in my area. How can I get them?

We are currently working full steam on building a distribution network in Europe and the U.S.. We also plan to start selling our products online very soon.


[Q] How can I create some more extra space for a module on my WORKFRAME84?

Easy: just remove our dotRed logo plate, and voilà! You have yourself 4HP of extra space to accommodate one extra module! (You can even turn your sleek dotRed logo plate into a cool keyholder!).

[Q] Why not a skiff Eurorack case?

Because we want to offer a maximum polyvalence and freedom of use, and are also thinking of alternate ways of putting our Workframe 84 to musical and creative use. We think deep. ;-)

[Q] Why a busboard instead of flying cables?

We think a bus board offers a much neater solution and ensures a superior longevity.


[Q] Some of the green LEDs on my Power base don’t come on. What does it mean?

Your Power base all 3 LEDs should be on at all times under normal conditions. If the Power base detects some sort of trouble in the signal, it gives visual feedback by turning off some of its LEDs.

[Q] I already own a Eurorack case but I need a power module. Can I buy dotRed's POWER BASE separately?

We are planning to propose very soon a Power kit including our POWER BASE, its dedicated AC adapter and our Workframe 84's bus board (16 headers) as well as a shorter (8 headers) version. Stay put!



You will find here the owner's manuals and product sheets for each of our products.

Click on the PDF icon to download the linked document.

We will be uploading revised editions on an as-needed basis.


Rev. E01 - English version

Published in July 2016

PDF format (12.2 Mb)


Rev. E00 - English version

Published in March 2018

PDF format (390 Kb)


Rev. E00 - English version

Published in March 2018

PDF format (9.4 Mb)


Rev. E01 - English version

Published in March 2018

PDF format (620 Kb)

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