The POWERBASE is a DC power unit housed in a slim and elegant 4 HP module, that can supply the currents for 1000mA each at +12 Volt and -12 Volt and additionally 500mA at +5 Volt.

It features an ON / OFF toggle switch, 3 power indicators (+ 12V / - 12V / + 5V) as well as a cable hook for prevent an unexpected pulled out the DC input plug.


The steel plate fitted on its side prevents radio interferences and spreads the heat from the power conversion chip, while protecting the fine circuitry from static electricity and preventing risks of electric shocks.

Aluminium Cable hook for a secure connection.

Think of a power unit as the heart of your modular system. 

The POWERBASE has excellent performance in your Eurorack System.

- Very Stable

It seems that some power modules and circuits are designed without considering about heat spreading.

If you have many modules in your cases, its surface might be getting hot by step when during power ON.

Also, the inside of cases is heating up more.

So that, some Euroracker is in trouble which powering goes down suddenly or appeared malfunction when they are performing.

We designed POWERBASE cautiously about heat spreading especially.

For example,

- The POWERBASE employed high efficiency DC-DC conversion chip made by LinearTechnology.

- 4 Layers PCB (Printed Circuits Board) employed and kept large area of copper plane for heat spreading.

- Connects each layer's copper plane appropriately by via-holes under DC-DC conversion chip.


As result, POWERBASE achieved that low heating up and very stable powering under high ambient temperature condition. 

- Good Sound Quality

As you known, good sound is realized with good power condition.

In fact, many goods to improve sound quality are selling in market.

Almost of them are involved the power supply.

As our thoughts, the transient response of power circuits is involved the sound quality not only stability.

For sure, it is need considering the stability in DC-DC conversion circuit.

The POWERBASE employed Electrolytic capacitors for Audio at the post circuit of DC-DC conversion.

That capacitors have appropriately transient response for sound quality.

For drawing current from it and delivering current to audio circuit, DC-DC conversion chip runs with high frequency switching and charge the current to low impedance ceramic capacitor once.

After that, low impedance ceramic capacitor charge the current immediately to Electrolytic capacitor.
So Electrolytic capacitor can supply the current to audio circuit without fully discharged.

As result, POWERBASE makes good sound quality with very low ripple noise.

 We recommend using with our POWERRAIL bus board.

For delivering the power to bus board from POWERBASE, connects both 5-pins header by dedicated wiring harness.

That wiring harness is included with POWERRAIL.

You can get excellent sounds by this way.

Using with "POWERRAIL" bus board
(Recommended Configuration)

 If you like using ribbon cable for connecting to POWERRAIL bus board,

of course it is possible too.

And if you like using with other bus board, it is also possible as same.

If you desired what delivering power from both 5-pins header and 16-pins headder on POWERBASE for loading to many modules, it is possible under limited condition.

It should be kept that total loading is less than 30 watts.

Using with "POWERRAIL" bus board.
(Another Configuration)
You can use with other bus board instead of "POWERRAIL". Also you can use with flying-cable.



DC Input: +15V typ.

Max. output current: 1000mA @+12V ,1000mA @-12V, 500mA @+5V

Weight:  approx. 0.1 kg


AC ADAPTOR (supplied)

AC input: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz

DC output: +15V (+/-5%)

DC output current: 3.34A ( min. 2.5A required for POWER BASE)

DC plug type: outside ø: 5.5 mm | inside ø: 2.1 mm

DC plug polarity: center: +

Weight:  approx. 0.5 kg


*Before using any other AC adaptor with our POWERBASE, make sure the AC adaptor's specifications are conform to the power ratings above.

Owners Manual

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