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"POWERBASE" is a 4HP width power supply module.

This is designed for Eurorack modular system exclusively by adopting high-quality and highly reliable power supply ICs from Linear Technology (Analog Devices, Inc).

It also was designed with sound quality in mind, and tuned so that the harmonic content of the sound changes naturally.

Rhythm sluggishness and the effect of filters on the overall sound are improved, and you will be able to recognize the potential of your modules again.

Equipped with an LED that determines the state of the power supply being supplied, and an aluminum cable hook that protects against accidents.

​Enjoy your music with this premium power supply.

*In order to use this product, it may be necessary to connect to the module, such as the separately sold power supply bus board "POWERRAIL" or other company's flying cable.

Please prepare the one that matches your usage.



power input voltage: DC +15V

Maximum output power: 30W

Maximum output current: 1000mA (+12V) , 1000mA (-12V) , 500mA (+5V)

                                                        *This specification guarantees operation and performance.

Weight: Approx. 0.15kg


AC ADAPTOR (Bundled items)

Primary input voltage: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz

Secondary output voltage: DC +15V (+/-5%)

Secondary output current: DC 3.34A  *At least 2.5A is required to meet the POWERBASE specification.

DC plug dimensionsOuter diameter 5.5 mm |Inner diameter 2.1mm

DC plug polarityCenter plus (+)

Weight: Approx. 0.5kg   *Includes detachable primary AC cord.


*When supplying power to the POWERBASE using an AC Adaptor other than the AC Adaptor supplied by our company, please confirm that it meets the above specifications.

However, any defects or malfunctions caused by using an AC Adaptor other than the one supplied by us will not be covered by the warranty.

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