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Durable front cover for WORKFRAME84

Installation image to WORKFRAME84

​ MASK84 special campaign in progress

The resale limited edition of 30 units will be sold as a special specification with a plate with our logo as standard equipment!

Customers who have WORKFRAME84-B, customers who are considering stacking two WORKFRAME with LINK84,

Please take this opportunity to purchase it.

It will be available in stores around mid-January 2019.

We recommend that you make an appointment to purchase.

This is the product content of "MASK84".

​Installation to "WORKFRAME84" will be done by the customer.

Remove the logo plate from "WORKFRAME84" and attach it to "MASK84".

Front cover for "WORKFRAME84".

Even with the patch cable plugged into the module,

It has a depth of 50mm for mounting.

In addition, it is made of durable metal, so it protects the important modular system from impacts.

The logo plate attached to the left end of "WORKFRAME84" can be attached to "MASK84".

For carrying outdoors, please use a commercially available Boston bag of your choice that is large enough to fit together with an AC Adaptor, etc.

The figure shows the maximum dimensions when attached to "WORKFRAME84".

Please refer to these dimensions when choosing a bag.

(Click the image to enlarge)

Attach the plate with hook to "WORKFRAME84" and use it with the front cover. Therefore, it cannot be used with RACK-EAR attached.

Between "MASK84" and "WORKFRAME84", there is a gap of about 10mm width at the top and bottom.

Even if you attach the module with a thumbscrew such as "d-BOLT", it will not interfere with "MASK84".

​In addition, when using two "WORKFRAME84" with "LINK84", by passing the patch cable connecting the two through this gap, it is possible to carry it while maintaining the patching state. There are also benefits.

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